MF Flourless Dark Chocolate Raspberry Torte

MF Flourless Dark Chocolate Raspberry Torte

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This dessert, teamed with our Intense Raspberry Sauce, has been a favorite at most of the parties that we've hosted or attended for the last several years.  We disappointed folks if we showed up at a potluck or soiree without this.   Make yourself and all your friends happy!   We make this by adding a generous amount of Intense Raspberry Sauce to the FDCT batter before it's baked.  Perfection!

Garnish with a handful of fresh raspberries & serve this amazing dessert with a pool of extra Intense Raspberry Sauce on each plate (or with a spoon in a nearby bowl on a buffet). 

Please note: In addition to 2-day FedEx shipping, this cake is currently available for free local pick-up in Maine. We are also willing to arrange custom delivery at nominal rates for customers at mainland locations within a 50-mile radius of Freeport, Maine. Please allow 48 hours between your order & pick-up time, unless we have confirmed an alternate arrangement via email or text message.

Keep chilled, but display at room temperature for 30 minutes before serving for optimal texture & flavor.

Serves 16-20. 

Gluten-free.  Contains dairy & eggs. Made with organic ingredients.

Ingredients:  Callebaut dark chocolate, organic raspberries, organic eggs, organic butter, organic cane sugar, organic lemon, Maine sea salt