*New* DELIVERY SERVICE on Friday in Portland!

We will be happy to deliver ice cream sammies &/or pints to your Portland doorstep, as long you promise to promptly move them to your freezer (or your happy mouth).  Buy enough to make yourself, family, and friends delighted for a week. 

Gourmet ice cream sammies @  $5
Gourmet ice cream pints @  $10
Delivery fee $5 per order
(FREE delivery on orders of $50 or more!)
Rewards program: 
Buy 12 sammies to get one free! 
Buy 10 pints to get one free!

Text your order, delivery address, and any special requests to 207-450-8255 by 10am Friday for delivery in Portland on Friday afternoon/evening,   While we will happily accept cash (exact amount, please), our preferred mode of payment is via the Venmo app:  scan the QR code below or enter @SP-MaineFlavor to find us in the app.  Please bear with us as we learn the delivery ropes!


Gourmet ice cream pints  @ $10

Plant-based (vegan) flavors:

   (sold out)--   Maine Strawberry   --(sold out)
Lemon Coconut
Chocolate Truffle
Coffee Crunch

    Dairy-based flavors:

    Maine Blueberry Crisp
    Earl Grey
    Coffee Toffee
    Salted Caramel Pecan
    Dark Salted Chocolate

      Gourmet ice cream sandwiches  @ $5 























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